Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

"Those who do not remember History," Georges Santayana once remarked, "Are condemned forever to repeat it."

Ain't it the truth?

Don't believe me? You think, perhaps, that y'all are sophisticated, evolved and sane members of Homo sap, do you?

Some of us can't remember History, probably because they never studied it. Some of us are still possessed by atavistic, subhuman impulses that interfere with things like sanity and understanding.

(Notice that I said: 'possessed by'. It's an important distinction.)

The 'us' I refer to is a rather small subset of homo sapiens; that small subset residing in a medium large country located roughly between the 45th and 30th parallels of the Western hemisphere. It's a country that produces little in terms of manufacturing and product, but uses more of the Earth's resources than all of the other countries combined.

(This was once celebrated as a good thing. I'm not entirely sure why.)

That small subset of homo sap has a problem with remembering history; also a problem with effective communication, acceptance and that indefinable thing we call 'civilization'. In short, they don't like other members of their own species.

They base this attitude along visual modes, mostly; color of skin, wealth and display thereof, prestige and a weird form of nationalism that went out of style with the last World War. Oh, did I forget their equally odd brand of religion? In a word: superstition.

(Upton Sinclair pointed out that when fascism comes to this country, it will arrive wrapped in the American flag and bearing a Bible.)

Further examination of these atavistic sub-normals will reveal some curious characteristics: a very narrow demographic of white, Anglo-Saxon stock, located in an equally narrow *geographic; specifically the American South. They are, in fact, the very same states that supported the South's cause during the American Civil War.

Remembering History . . . Let's do the Time Warp, shall we? It's just a step to the left and then a jump to the Right:

I invite y'all to take a look at this link:

Jamie Malanowski has done a superb job telling History in a very real, present-day sense. Read this one, folks. Read all the rhetoric and then do some comparisons. Listen to the rhetoric coming from the Tea Party goons and the Corporate mouthpieces and then ask yourself:

Have we come any distance at all from that bloody-minded idiocy, that savage vestige of our past?


The fact that some politicians from those states have actually advocated secession only make my point all the more accurate. (Keep talking, smooth apes. The noose you're weaving for yourselves is growing apace.)

Analysis of the Tea Party movement continues to add data to my hypothesis: there is something utterly malign and sub-human at the core of their rhetoric and behavior.

We're better than other humans.

Don't believe that, either? Reductio ad absurdum, kids. Boil it down to the simplest possible reasoning behind the semantically-loaded words. They don't like other humans, for a variety of reasons that all boil down to feeling superior, when in fact, they're quite a bit less evolved than most of us.

Matt Taibbi presented us with some illuminating, if somewhat depressing data in his article in Rolling Stone magazine last month: "Tea and Crackers". Yes, they're crackers, alright, but the craziness is impelled by a terrifying lack of comprehension and inability to adapt to the realities of our world. They can't think very well, in other words, and it's making them do and say truly bizarre stuff. Taibbi pointed out that the Corporations have seized this opportunity to utilize them as foot soldiers in their attempt to consolidate their own power and wealth. Here's where it becomes truly terrifying:

Forget secession! Imagine a corporate-backed coup d'etat in this country, soon. Within twenty-five years, perhaps as little as a decade.

Perhaps even another Civil War. Only this time, both sides have nukes.

Did your hair stand on end? Good! So did mine, when I considered this.

And it all comes down to stupidity, in the end. Astonishing.

I have no answers, any more than Taibbi does. He seems to be at a loss as how to deal with these drop-outs from the human race and frankly, so am I. I could counsel perseverance and patience, but that has resulted in having our asses handed to us by some pretty smart sub-humans, notably Rove and his various henchmen. We have a Prez who also avoids confrontation like the plague and I can't say as I blame him one bit.

Nobody wants to be in a sniper's crosshairs. If Obama were to well and truly stand up to these Neanderthals in any significant way, he'd be assassinated within a week. The bloodbath that would ensue would make the Rodney King riots look like a minor domestic disturbance by comparison.

It may yet come to that. "Blood in the streets and blood at the polls, but another election was never held." Yeah, Heinlein was altogether too prescient.

Civil War seems to be our destination, folks. Unless we can find some way of educating and informing the more intellectually-challenged of our species, we're going to have another major conflict; one which could conceivably do permanent damage to the Earth.

I am no more prepared for a post-apocalyptic America than are you.

Let's do the Time Warp, for the last time.

Michelle Diane Rose
November 11th, 2010

*(Yes, I omitted Alaska. But I think they want to be their own country, anyway.)

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